One sofa – three different living rooms

Decorating a living room can be a challenge as it has to work for different occasions – you either want it to be formal or family friendly, modern or traditional. We too think it should be a lot of different things at the same time, and we have the perfect sofa to prove it – Bluemary. Thick cushions and low armrests give Bluemary a sturdy and unique look with a dash of classic luxury. Deep seats add a touch of comfort that is essential for a late-night lounging in your living room. And the most important part? It’s really comfortable.
Three different stylings, one beautiful sofa. Keep scrolling for some great living room ideas with the Bluemary.

1. Earthy vibes

A green velvet sofa, it’s the investment piece you didn’t know you needed. And nothing is more chic than a retro-inspired design in a modern olive colored velvet upholstery. Mix it with minimalistic graphic furniture for maximum style. Together with soft green, black and cream shades your are set up for a sophisticated aesthetic that keeps your space looking good.

2. French chic

Just to set the record straight, a light sofa never fails to complete a living room and to transcend any trend and style. While tufted couches can look very traditional, this loungy option gets an edge when paired with classic paneled walls, boxy furniture and some cool modern lamps. The result? A very stylish and yet cosy living room.

3. Go Monochromatic

In this beautiful space, an earthy colored Bluemary finds the balance between coral and terracotta hues. The wall color gives the living room a monochromatic touch, and together with the pillows it creates a playful element to the design with varying light and dark shades of the colors.

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One sofa – three different living rooms