One sofa – three different living rooms

Decorating a living room can be a challenge as it has to work for different occasions – you either want it to be formal or family friendly, modern or traditional. We too think it should be a lot of different things at the same time, and we have the perfect sofa to prove it – […]

Create a comfy and loungy space

There is an art of doing absolutely nothing and it all starts with having a sofa in your living room that you can laze around guilt free. A sofa so comfortable that the only way to make your weekend happy is to tuck yourself in and stay on it. Choosing the right one is not […]

The best kept secret for a light colored sofa

How can a light and natural textile on a sofa be both family and party friendly? Easycare! Unless you are a devoted color enthusiast, it is a huge possibility that you once in your lifetime have dreamt of a sofa in a light and delicate textile for your happy space. It’s also a possibility that […]

Get cozy and elegant with the Alvar sofa

Combine the beautiful Alvar sofa with cream, beige and neutral tones to create a perfect elegant and calm living room. Imagine a classic French apartment, wooden floors and high ceiling. Windows that opens into a wide, calm street and a breath of warm air is slightly moving the curtains. To underline this perfect and elegant […]