Sofa maintenance guide

Upholstered furniture maintenance and care instructions

Thank you for buying Vilmers UAB furniture. We hope that you will appreciate the beauty, timeless design and high quality of our sofas. Correct maintenance and cleaning conditions guarantee the durability and long life of the furniture.

– The furniture should be assembled by instructions in order to avoiding careless strokes or scratches.Sofa should be in dry and ventilated rooms on tough floor.If you have bought a sofa with chopped foam pillows you should shape it with hands in order to restore the original look which may be lost during the transportation.

– The furniture should be kept away from radiators, air conditioners and air inlet valves to avoid sudden temperature and humidity changes (keep 30 cm distance).

– Protect your sofa from direct sunlight which can make the discoloration and leather drying.

– We recommend that you regularly change seats and wouldn’t sit in one place. In line with these recommendations furniture will wear off evenly.

– You shouldn’t jump on upholstered furniture to prevent sudden shocks on fabric, springs, foam or wooden details.

– While moving furniture form one place to another do not drag – move it carefully instead.

– For sofas with bed mechanism use topper or thicker mat.

– Always pull at the center lifting part of sofa with bed mechanism.

– Do not sit on the armrests because it can cause deformities: filler can be displaced, and the seams can rupture if the tensile force is excessive.

– People who keep pets should pay attention that pet nails can scratch the leather, wooden details or to pull out the threads from the fabric. Their saliva and sweat might have negative effect for the leather.

– Do not use aggressive liquids which are made of acid or large amount of chlorine or other similar products on furniture. Also avoid cleaning products containing harsh chemicals or oil-containing solvents (acetone, thinner, alcohol, etc.). – The furniture should be regularly vacuumed and ventilated.

– For all leather furniture there should be used a special leather care products 2-4 times per year.

Important points

Moisture. Sofas are made by using wooden products which are sensitive to moisture. The other materials of the furniture may also be damaged. These factors can lead to mold. Recommended room environment: 45-60% relative moisture and 10-25 ° C.

Sunlight. None of the fabric is protected from sunlight, halogen lamps or day light effects. This means that after some time all fabrics slightly changes its original color and become brighter. This is a natural fabric’s reaction and not a defect. Especially when the sunlight is direct, it is advisable to use curtains on the windows which will protect the fabric from strong fading.

The feature of furniture wear. Furniture wear character – merchantable changes is as a result of natural wear (for example because of sitting in the same place). Using furniture for a long time, the leather shade and gloss can vary. All products from leather have a tend to become stretched – this is natural characteristic. Some fabric folds may appear after some time – it is the consequence of stretch, but not a fabric defect.

Dimensions. Sofa is made by using soft materials and can’t be measured very accurate. Some small deviations (for example because of the seam straightness) is typical in upholstered furniture manufacture.

The correct furniture building. Make sure that your sofa stands on an even surface. The smallest unevenness on the floor can make some awkward consequences, such as creak, squeak or changes in construction. Do not place your furniture too close to the wall or radiators (central heating). The distance (30 cm) provides good air circulation and prevents leather and wooden parts from the shrink or parch.

The felt pads. Legs are usually with a plastic pad or additional felt pads. If your furniture stands on vulnerable floor make sure that felt pads are sticked well. The awkward sound may occur because the legs are badly glued with felt protective pads.

The sheen of the fabric. Gloss and shine on the seating parts are velour, chenille nap sparkling effect. Because of the compression, weight and heat (of body or air) and other circumstances may change fluff lying direction. Because of the light reflection can create a vision that there is a spot. This is a typical feature of commodity and not the defect of the fabric.

Color deviation. There may be some differences between the color of fabric sample and final sofa made of it. Because of dyeing technology there isn’t an absolute guarantee that model’s fabric color will match the sample’s color perfectly. This applies for fabric and natural leather. If it is a combination of natural leather and artificial leather, which is not advisable, remember that after some time the shades will stand out noticeably.

Clothing and accessories. Jeans, other clothes and items made of dyeing fabric can leave visible stains on light fabric. It is not a fabric defect. Unfortunately it is very hard to remove these spots from the fabric and only fresh stains can be removed from leather. Also be careful wearing clothes with decorative elements (such as rivets) and also with sharp objects which may be in your pants pockets, because it may damage the fabric or leather.

Smell. Leather, tapestry and wood has a specific smell. Other materials may also have unusual smell for some weeks. The best way to avoid this smell is to ventilate the room and clean furniture with a mop dampened with water-based multi-purpose cleaner.

Natural leather. Natural leather features appears because of the natural way of animal’s life (for instant scratches, scars, insect bites, grains, texture and softness / hardness differences). It is very important to know that leather is a natural material, so the tone of individual product may vary slightly.

The softness of furniture. During the first 3 months of using the furniture the polyurethane foam padding become softer and then finally stabilizes. It is completely normal process. The seating place for the first time is exposed by pressure which breaks the micro-cells of which the polyurethane is made of. For this reason, it is completely normal that one part of the sofa seating or back position is more softness than other one. This difference will disappear after the first 3 months of furniture if you use it in a right way.

Mechanisms. Mechanisms must be greased every six months. Sofa with bed mechanism is made with transformation mechanisms which are not made for everyday use. Mechanisms are made of metal, so while using there may be some noises.