The best kept secret for a light colored sofa

How can a light and natural textile on a sofa be both family and party friendly? Easycare!

Unless you are a devoted color enthusiast, it is a huge possibility that you once in your lifetime have dreamt of a sofa in a light and delicate textile for your happy space. It’s also a possibility that you did not follow your dream and let your practical sense decide on a darker option to avoid stains and spills.

Our amazing and soft textile Taffie bouclé is treated with easycare, which means that you no longer have to consider the downsides as carefully before making the investment. Easycare is an eco-friendly technology that makes it possible to remove stains with water and mild soap.

Because It’s all about sofas in neutral and light colors such as soft white and beige these days. The Folkland sofa adds a new dimension to your home by combining fabric and leather. Folkland sofa is modern and clean, and the mix of materials makes beautiful and interesting contrast. Together with the right decoration and furniture you can create a long lasting and sophisticated space that will make you want to stay at home (almost) forever. In this living room, the floor-to-ceiling industrial windows are softened by a pale couch, chairs in the same hue and sheer curtains. Natural wood flooring lends warmth to this modern living room, while black steel details for modernity and contrast. Together you compliment the shape of the building itself, while the olive tree is the natural center of attention.

Get the style? Keep scrolling to get our best tips on how to make this contemporary (and actually cozy) industrial look.

Mixing materials
Focus on natural fabrics like linen, leather, velvet and wool, complemented by textured and natural accessories.

Folkland Sofa
Our Folkland sofa comes in different variations and combinations, and the leather frame can be changed to a different textiles. This makes the sofa interesting and modern – with endless possibilities.

Lilla Armchair
The industrial look is softened by sofa in a neutral color and accent chairs in the same hue or fabric. Our armchair Lilla has a clean and minimalistic look, as well as great comfort and style.

What a feeling
Sheer and soft curtains add textile and femininity to the room. We like them extra wide, see through and flowy in order to get that soft and exclusive feeling.

You need some contrasts in order to make it look interesting. If you think black steel details are too hard, you can choose dark or natural wood instead.

Center of attention
Channel that natural feeling and bring in nature with a floor-to-ceiling tree. The statement piece will become the centerpiece in your living room.

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