Get cozy and elegant with the Alvar sofa

Combine the beautiful Alvar sofa with cream, beige and neutral tones to create a perfect elegant and calm living room.

Imagine a classic French apartment, wooden floors and high ceiling. Windows that opens into a wide, calm street and a breath of warm air is slightly moving the curtains.

To underline this perfect and elegant scenery, imagine a natural palette of wood, neutral tones and the comfortable and chic sofa Alvar. The feeling of warmth comes through the choice of materials, and by mixing up textures and finishes like linen, leather and boucle in beige and creme tones, you create a tranquil, chic and modern interior.

To get you started, here are our design tips to help you create that perfectly chic living room that looks elegant and timeless:


The Alvar sofa has a chic Scandinavian design with wide cushions to ensure the best possible comfort for your cozy evenings. Pair the the Alvar sofa with an Alvar lounge chair in different finishes, colors or textiles. Mixing materials on the Alvar family creates a dynamic and inviting space.


Keep a neutral color palette, but try to mix materials and textiles to give your interior a modern and interesting vision.


Over-accessorized living room can look messy and disorganized, rather than stylish and sophisticated. The accessories you keep should reflect your style and to tie into the look of the room.


Include a vintage piece to your style in order to create the perfect mix. It does not have to be a lot – an old mirror, a side table or a lamp will do the trick.


If your living room has high ceilings, try to avoid heavy, dark curtains that will offer the illusion of a smaller space. Go for something more light and airy, like linen.

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